Mamie Wheeler

Mamie Wheeler, RN

Mamie began her studies of religion and philosophy at a young age and has an appreciation of the truths in all faiths.  As a registered nurse (RN) experiencing the mystery of life force entering and leaving the body during birth and death, her quest for understanding led her to many additional areas of esoteric study:


Registered Nurse (RN):  Graduate Linfield College, Portland OR, BSN

Reiki Master:  Master level training in Usui, Gtumo and Karuna Reiki.

Living Soul Spiritual Development:   Graduate, Advanced level training

Jamilian University:   Student, ongoing studies

Ordained Minister:   Performs marriages, baptisms, ceremonies, healing vigils

Doula/Montrice Birth Attendant: For more information of these services, please contact us at

Continued research into quantum physics, radionics, the power of prayer and modalities of ancient healing practices, gemstone healing, PSTD therapy, among others, continues to shape the effectiveness of the array of analysis offered to her clients and students.

All modalities offered by The Inner Realm are suggestions only and make no claim to effectiveness, outcome or healing.

Affiliate Practitioners

Affiliate Practitioners have completed the Advanced Soul Perspective Practitioner Training Program and are sanctioned practitioners working directly with The Inner Realm Consulting, Education and Research Center.