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Soul Perspectives Practitioner Training Level One

Study programs are designed for those committed to a focused path of self-development, spiritual advancement, & planetary healing. Practitioners will learn how to access energetic patterns to move energy for themselves and others through the Akashic Soul Records.

Date: January 27 & 28  9am-5pm (Registration begins at 8am)
Opening reception (optional) Jan 26, 6 – 7pm
Location: Burbank, California

Price: $4,500

Soul Practitioner Training – Level One workshop will include:

Becoming a Spiritual Practitioner
Spiritual Discernment and Conduct
Spiritual Protection
Training your Intuition
Human Ego and Divine Ego
Physical world vs Spiritual Celestial World
Pendulum Use

The Akashic Records and The Soul
What is the Akashic Record and where is it?
What information is in the Akashic Record and how it gets there
How to Access the Akashic Record
What is the soul and where is it?
How information is stored by the soul
What can be read at Soul Level in the Akashic Records
Definition of Layers of Creation, Vibrations, Dimensions

Reading The Akashic Records – Introduction
Connecting to the Akashic Record Division and Archangel Metatron: meditation,
Ritual and prayer
Accessing Truth in the Records
Asking Questions
Interpreting the Information
Locating the Soul Records
Clearing Interference, Blocks, Masks, Façades, Shells
Soul Shifting

Reading the Akashic Records Part One – Baseline Information
Soul Status & Age
Gender Balance
Karma Balance
Soul Facet Health
Divine Spark Health
Blueprint of Origination
Energetic Spheres of Protection

Reading the Akashic Records Part Two – Physical and Celestial Connections
Periods of History Lived in body
Spiritual Orders when incarnate (out of body)
Archangel Realm Connections
Angel, Masters and Teachers Connections
Spirit Guide Team Connections

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Reiki is a gentle method for working with the body’s subtle energy fields to facilitate healing.  Once isolated to Japan, Reiki has its origins in the pages of the ancient Tibetan sutras and is now practiced worldwide by people of very diverse beliefs and backgrounds.

Anyone can learn Reiki.

Classes are a combination of lecture, discussion and practical experience. Attunements and preparation for each level varies. A detailed class manual and certification of completion is provided at each level.

Reiki Classes

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Healing with Gemstones & Crystals - Intro (E-Course, coming soon) $250

Explore the healing nature of gemstones and crystals! Learn how to select and use the right gemstone for your intended purpose.  Learn to clear and magnify crystal energy. Includes a beautiful charged and blessed crystal to begin your journey!

Registration currently unavailable

Spiritual Discernment & Pendulum Use (E-Course, coming soon) $250.00

Where does our intuitive and spiritual information come from? Learn where, and how to know which information to trust. What is the anatomy of a spiritual connection? Learn how to use a Pendulum as a dowsing tool and get started, or expand your abilities.

Registration currently unavailable