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Soul Perspective™- Intake Session

This session looks at the divine aspects of your soul and your connection to the universe in the present, and historically, as recorded in the akashic record and actus region of the soul including Masters, teachers, spiritual training, and archangel realms, as well as blocks and restrictions such as vows, contracts, karma, and more. Learn to embrace your divine gifts and release any energy that no longer serves you. Reports are conducted in a one-hour interview either in person or phone/internet.

Soul Perspective™ High Profile Lifestyle - Intake session

For individuals in high profile and leadership positions:

  • Entertainment industry
  • Sports
  • Competitors
  • News
  • Media
  • Music Industry*
  • Business
  • Politics

This session contains all the information in the general intake session, plus information on private and public boundaries & protection, use of creative, leadership and successful energy patterns, and more.  Reports are conducted in a one-hour interview either in person or phone/internet. Email for more information on this session, additional expenses and confidentiality policy.

Soul Perspective™- Progressive Energy Repatterning™ (PER™)

   Issue Release
   Chakra/subtle body repatterning
   Spiritual Growth & Guidance
   Transitional Life Situations & Decisions
On-going sessions, beyond the intake session, for deeper assessment of exposed patterns, programs and issues as they arise. Common patterns are: phobias, fears, obsessions, depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship and financial issues, moving, career choices, and difficult medical issues, to name a few. Reports are conducted in a one-hour interview either in person or phone/internet.  Include a short description of your issue/s. Maximum 3 issues per consultation for your comfort.

Soul Perspective™- Mini Session

An abbreviated look at either your Soul Origination or Archangel Realm of Empowerment. Report is emailed.

Bio-Realm™ Assessments (coming soon!)

Use of cutting edge technology to assess the subtle body, energy and meridians that carry the patterns of our genetics and environmental programming into the physical. Reports are conducted in a one-hour interview either in person or phone/internet.

Pet, Property, Real Estate, Object

  • Property
  • Locations
  • Homes
  • Workplaces
  • Airplanes
  • Cruise Ships
  • Cars
  • Movie Sets
  • Pets
  • Art
  • Objects
  • Antiques
  • more

Everything is a form of energy that attracts or repels vital force.  Locate and clear past and present energy in the space around you that affects you by blocked or restricted flow or attached negative energy/entities.  Includes instruction on how to protect and uplift the area around you.  Reports are conducted in a one-hour interview either in person or phone/internet.

Transition - Birth or Death (specify birth or death)

The transition of the soul into the body at birth, and out of the body at physical death can be greatly assisted by identifying and clearing any energy patterns that may interfere with the process. Establishing harmony for the soul’s progress can greatly enhance the experience in and out of the physical body. Reports are conducted in a one-hour interview either in person or phone/internet.

Businesses, Groups, Projects (Price: One hour initial consult to determine scope and cost unique to each project)

Creation & production of movies, screenplays, theatre, concerts, team and individual sporting events & competitions, award ceremonies, banquets, weddings, births, land development, building projects, moving. Any project that brings a group together to accomplish a common goal. Also known as Collective Energy Repatterning™ (CER™).

Every idea and thought begins the creation of a business or project and attracts energy patterns. Group and team endeavors energetically combine the collective energy patterns of a great number of people, as well as the intention of the project itself. A pattern of collective consciousness creates an energetic phenomenon that can attract or divert success.

A CER™ consultation provides a method for avoiding or overcoming potential obstructive energy and setting/resetting the project intention for a successful desired outcome. Pricing per consultation varies.

The Inner Realm recognizes that each project is unique. Consultations are done on-site, remotely, or a combination thereof.

Each project usually includes a combination of:

  • Analysis of desired outcome in relation to present conditions of the project
  • Individual and departmental collaboration of collective consciousness patterns
  • Ongoing support for the project, participants and target audience for the duration of the project
  • Shared strategies for working with individuals, groups, issues & target audiences to allow for future application and self-empowerment through proven successful energy techniques as identified within your project patterns.

Email to schedule a free 15 minute consult to see if this is the right session for your group or project.

Actus Reading (coming soon!)

Numerology Analysis (coming soon!)